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I caught the travel bug as a tenderfoot eighteen-year-old, following the well-trodden backpacker trail across Asia, Australasia and Central America. After escaping from an Indian Ashram, getting caught in a Fijian military coup and having a bribery standoff with the Honduran border control, I soon realised that a bit of travel advice could go a long way.  And so my interest in travel literature began…

It was this trip that ignited my long-standing love affair with Latin America. On returning to the UK, I decided to ditch my history degree and for French and ab initio Spanish at Bristol University. I spent my first uni summer holiday in Colombia, under the pretext of ‘educational exploration’,  and went on to split my year abroad between Bordeaux and Argentina. During my six months in Buenos Aires I worked for an emerging arts magazine and wrote for a US travel website. Between eating steak and dancing tango of course.

My exotic adventures were put on hold when I started working in-house for France Magazine more than three years ago. A full time job meant far-flung travels were exchanged for short, snappy trips to France to write features on everything from swanky Paris stays to gruelling Alpine cycling. I interviewed interesting personalities, ate delicious food and was even nominated for an award for my writing in November 2013 when I was named Young Travel Writer of the Year at the British Travel Press Awards. I was shortlisted for the same award by AITO in 2014. You can see some of my pieces at www.clippings.me/zoemcintyre.

After three years of keeping my feet on the ground, in April 2015 I decided to ditch the 9 to 5 and follow my heart back to South America. I’m currently in Buenos Aires, feeling lost in memory down its big leafy avenues as I revisit familiar places that remind me of my old life here. Next stop? Who knows; Bolivia, Uruguay, Peru? Follow my posts to see where my wanderlust takes me.

I see travel as a way of challenging and expanding the way we see the world, and hold ethical and sustainable consciousness as a guiding principle for all adventure.

If you’d like to contact me about my blog, pictures or published articles please email me at zoe.mcintyre04@gmail.com or tweet me @zoevemac. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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